Review of ‘The Making of Asian America’ in the New York Times

Chinese immigrant family

A Chinese immigrant family in San Francisco in the 1890s. Credit The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

Oliver Wang’s review of The Making of Asian America was published in the New York Times today, calling the book “sweeping” and “fascinating.” In his review Oliver writes “Lee’s comprehensive history traces the experiences of myriad Asian-American communities, from Chinese laborers in 1850s California to Hmong refugees in 1980s Minnesota…. ‘The Making of Asian America’ shares strong similarities with other broad inclusive Asian-American histories, most obviously Ronald Takaki’s ‘Strangers From a Different Shore,’ first published in 1989. Lee’s book doesn’t radically depart from its predecessors so much as provide a useful and important upgrade by broadening the scope and, at times, deepening the investigations.” He goes on to say that Lee will soon join the canon of “key Asian-American histories” of Takaki and Chan.