Erika Lee’s Interview on All Things Considered from 2012

Wedding photograph of Wong Lan Fong and Yee Shew Ning

The wedding photograph of Wong Lan Fong and Yee Shew Ning, in front of the Mei Yi Mei Church, a Chinese Methodist Church, at the island of Honam, across the Pearl River from Canton (now Guangzhou) in 1926.

Erika spoke with Tasnim Shamma about “Attachments,” an exhibit that was on view at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. during the summer of 2012. In the interview Erika shares the story of discovering her grandmother Wong Lan Fong’s immigration file containing the long lost wedding photo of her grandmother and her grandfather Yee Shew Ning. The photo, which was taken in Guangzhou, China in 1926, had been confiscated by immigration officials and added to her grandmother’s file. It and other documents from the file were displayed in the exhibit. Erika consulted with the Archives on the design of the exhibit, which featured stories and original documents of immigrants from many countries, several of whom were featured in Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America.

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Immigration, The Gold Mountain And A Wedding Photo