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Myths and Realities about Immigration in the Past and Present

The recent debates over immigration prompted me to think about immigration myths and realities in the past and present. In this post first published on Medium, I consider the questions of whether we’re admitting too many immigrants, undocumented immigration, and the alleged relationship between crime and immigration. From Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants to […]

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Fun Fact Friday: Asian Americans as “Model Minorities?”

Despite the stereotype that Asian Americans are “model minorities,” Asian Americans are represented at both ends of the economic spectrum: over 51% of Asian Americans have a bachelor’s degree or higher and almost 22% have a graduate or professional degree, but almost 12.6% live in poverty, which is slightly higher than the U.S. average of […]

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South Vietnamese refugees on a US ship

Southeast Asian Refugee Stories 40 Years After the Fall of Saigon

We’re still thinking about the legacies of the wars in Southeast Asia this summer. This op-ed I co-wrote for the Minneapolis Star Tribune considers what that history means when we turn the spotlight on Southeast Asian refugees and their children. It also includes a link to the Immigration History Research Center’s Immigrant Stories Digital Storytelling […]

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